Eggshell Vs Satin

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Eggshell Vs Satin

If you’re considering on painting the interior of your house in the near future or fixing and sprucing up a particular piece of furniture, it is best to know not only the colour you are looking to have as well as the base (oil or latex) paint but also the best Sheen for the project. It is important to note that there are many different types of sheens for paint; it comes in high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, velvet, eggshell, and flat in order of highest to the lowest light reflectiveness. The amount of a Sheen is determined by the amount of light reflected from the surface often referred to as a shiny or glossy finish.  

This particular article we will be looking at the difference between eggshell and satin paint because these are two very popular interior paint sheen choices. Both happened to be just shiny enough to make the interior project pop while not being too glossy. These two Sheen types can be used on a multiple ranges of surfaces, but keep in mind they have a difference that makes them more suitable for unique applications. Now let’s determine which is best for your next interior renovation project.


Where to use eggshell paint


Eggshell paint is the less reflective of the two options which makes it an ideal choice for interior walls that will not see a lot of wear and tear. Particular rooms to be painted in the eggshell sheen would be best-suited rooms like the master bedroom, a dining room or particularly a home office. A good thing to know about eggshell paint is that it conceals a lot of surface flaws. Although satin paint can often fend off dents and scuffs and scratches much better than eggshell if your walls already have the surface problems eggshell will conceal them a lot more efficiently. This is due to the fact that with more reflective light against wall imperfections, these particular problems are emphasized and highlighted in the wall making even the smallest imperfections much more glaring. Another bonus in choosing eggshell over satin is that is a few dollars cheaper per gallon.

In the instance that you don’t hire a professional, eggshell paint makes it easier to minimize mistakes made by the applicator. For instance, whether your brush ran thin or you let one section of the wall dry before rolling the rest, eggshell minimizes these notable mistakes. This also means that doing a touch up with eggshell paint on an eggshell wall can potentially save you from having to do the whole wall over again. It is thanks to the lower Sheen that these mistakes are easy to hide and minimizes others from noticing these application mistakes. Eggshell paint is also a fantastic option for rental units and is exactly why property management companies love them. For example, when we work with our friends at S&T Vacation Rental Management, we always apply paints with eggshell finish for turnovers. This makes it quick an easy to fix and cover up any damages that the previous tenant might have made on the walls.  


Where to use satin paint


Third, from the top in regards to most shein, satin paint is still quite reflective. It is often used in areas that are high traffic such as; kitchens, entryways, full bathrooms, kid bedrooms, and living rooms. It is ideal for high moisture areas such as bathrooms because in these particular areas they often get wet and are often wiped down or they show condensation marks. This moisture makes these rooms very easily prone to mildew, so be sure that your particular satin paint product has an anti-mildew additive. It is important to note that if you were considering painting a table and chairs using satin finish would be preferred for the fact that these pieces are often moved, or hold items that can be dragged across all the while being easier to clean.


Benefits Of Satin


Certain benefits that satin provides is that adds a lot more depth to small spaces due to it being glossier. Satin sharpens The Contours of a wall making it appear larger adding depth to certain places like hallways or a small room. One of the biggest benefits of a satin finish is that it is very durable since it is formulated with less pigment and more binders making it more flexible, tough and harder to break down. So if there is an area where you will very likely hit scratch or rub against the wall it is highly recommended that you choose Satin for these areas. In comparison, eggshell will show a lot more abrasions and impact points if you were to choose it for that same area. Another big benefit to choosing Satin is that it is much easier to clean it does not hold dirt as well as eggshell. And in comparison If you’re trying to clean eggshell walls that have grease marks or scuffs, you will be required to use a lot more elbow grease to remove these. Making satin a better pick for anywhere that can get very dirty, such as children’s rooms for entryways or playrooms that can collect muddy handprints or food smudges. you will notice that Satin is very close in comparison to velvet with sheen levels. When we are comparing the two (eggshell and Satin) you will notice eggshell reflects very little light and has negligible lustre vs the light shine that eggshell finish has.


Hiring The Right Paint Professional 


It is important to know that a lot of prep on concealing these wall imperfections must be done before applying a satin finish. If this is the case for your particular case, we would recommend that you try to get help from a local professional painting company. We also know that making the choice of paint colour and paint sheen may be difficult but we hope that choosing the right professional painters doesn’t have to be. The Hotshot Construction personal has been helping people with their renovations, interior painting, exterior painting needs for multiple decades and we have a lot more services to offer. Feel free to call or inquire so we can consult with you about your painting ideas so we can provide you with a free estimate and help to work towards making the perfect painting project.


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