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Do You Need Emergency Roof Repair?

Your roof is the first line of defense against the vagaries of nature. Sometimes, it takes a huge beating from huge hailstones, freak storms, and falling objects e.g. tree branches. When significant damage is done, the integrity of your roof is compromised and must be repaired immediately to contain the damage. Failure to address a damaged roof can seriously affect the comfort and health of your family members. But it can also lead to further roof damage by mold damage, flooding and weakened support structures. When do you need to call in the professionals?


Emergency Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks will occur when the roof’s exterior is punctured, for example, by a heavy falling object. Pooling water can also find its way through cracks and crevasses in the roof’s structure and leak through to the house. Tracing the source of a leak is often difficult to place since water flows from the highest point downwards to where the leak is visible in the house.

Hailstorms, ice dams, heavy snowing and pooled water can all cause leakages. The leakage can be abrupt like in the case of a sudden heavy storm, or gradual like in the case of pooled water. A leak should be spotted immediately it is visible because the damage could be more extensive than what is visible.


How We Do Emergency Roof Repairs

Repairing a roof is more than replacing damaged shingles. It require an elaborate problem to deal with the visible and invisible damage. Here is how we go about doing emergency roof repairs;

Roof inspection – This is to identify the visible damage on the roof’s exterior as well as what is not easily visible in the underlying structure.

Preparations – This involves laying protective cover (tarps and plywood) on the neighboring areas to protect them from accidental damage

Removing damaged material – Damaged shingles, rotten timber and other damaged material is removed

Replacing – The removed material is replaced with new

Final inspection – The roof is inspected before being declared safe and sound


Emergency Roof Repair Services

When your roof suffers sudden damage, it is better to call in professionals like us. We can help in the case of;

  • Emergency winter roof repairs
  • Emergency leak detection and patching
  • Emergency roof flashing repair
  • Emergency underlying roof structure repairs
  • Emergency roof ventilation repairs


Professional Emergency Roof Repair

Hotshot Construction is an experienced roof and painting contractor in Calgary. With experience in different types of roof emergencies, we know exactly what exactly your roof needs to offer you adequate protection again. Call Hotshot Construction for emergency roof repair and be safe!

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