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How to do Successful Roof Insurance Claims

If your roof has suffered extensive damage, the immediate question will be how to take care of the costs of the roof repair. If you have homeowner’s insurance you are entitled to compensation in the case of damage by a hailstorm, falling objects, or any other damage that is not self-inflicted. You have higher chances of success if you make your roof insurance claim in the correct procedure. How can you do this?


Step 1 – Assess the damage immediately as it happens

If the roof has been damaged by a freak storm, you should have it assessed immediately. An extensive inspection should look at the underlying structure as well. The recommended action is to have a qualified roofing contractor do the inspection and make a report.

You should forward this report to your insurance provider as fast as possible. Some insurance policies have restrictions on time; from when you noticed the damage to reporting it.


Step 2 – Provide visual evidence

Ask the person doing the inspection to take pictures of the damaged areas for documentation. This provides evidence of what is damaged and backs up the repair cost estimates. This should be done as comprehensively as possible because some insurance providers have minimums under which the homeowner should take care of the repairs. Other details needed include the cause of the damage, dates and time of the damage.


Step 3 – Submit your claim to the insurance provider

Submit your roof insurance claim as soon as you have put all the documentation together. Have a current copy of your homeowner insurance as well. You need to be conversant with the terms of your insurance coverage. Typically, roofs over 10 years are partially covered. The insurance provider will usually send an insurance adjuster to verify your claims and make a report.


Step 4 – Pick a roofing contractor

After your roofing insurance claim is verified, the insurance provider will typically ask you to pick a contractor from a list. You have the right to use your preferred contractor. It is highly recommended that you pick an experienced contractor who is well-versed in dealing with insurance companies.


Step 5 – Provide for contingency costs

Remember that contingency costs can happen in a construction job. It is good to ask the roofing contractor to make an allowance for these contingencies. This will avoid going back to your pocket.

Do you need assistance in making a roof insurance claim? Here at Hotshot Construction, we assist in making your roofing insurance claim successfully by providing professional roof inspectors who can make verifiable inspections and documentation. Call us to help you have the insurance cover your emergency roof repairs.

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