Should You Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

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Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

Many homeowners are left wondering if it’s better to simply repair an old roof or completely replace it with a new one. Making the right decision about your home’s roof will give you some peace of mind and ensures your home’s optimal performance. Sometimes, repairing your roof is a better idea than completely replacing it, while other times, you’re better off just replacing it entirely.


Choosing Your Roofing Option

The first thing you’ll want to do is access the problem with your roof. You can always opt to patch leaks and damaged area on your roof, or decide to partially or completely re do the roof. And if you decide to reroof, you’ll have to decide if you want to do it over the existing roof or remove it entirely.

Replacing your home’s shingles because of a fallen limb or wind damage is fairly inexpensive and easy to do. The damaged shingles are simply removed and new ones are then slipped right into the now open space. However, there is a downside to this. Unless your home is fairly new, you might not have the exact same shingles on hand and will have to patch your roof using ones that don’t match. But if you think about it, it’s a small price to pay if you could extend the life of your roof and go another 10 years before you have to totally replace the entire thing. But if you plan to sell your home sooner than that, you’ll want to get shingles that match as closely as possible so that it blends in.

But if damage is more severe, you can choose partial reroofing. This will cost a lot less than doing the entire roof, but more than just replacing a few shingles. And this option makes it easier to blend new and old roofing because any color differences will be less noticeable. It’s goo to know that partial roofs can actually be more expensive on a cost per square scenario. Plus, they add problems, especially if you have an asphalt roof that has two or more layers. One layer will need to be taken off to continue the partial reroofing process. This can cause the roof on one side higher than the other, creating a lopsided look with a hump.


Comparing Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Cost

Opting to go with totally new roof depends on several factors, including the wear on the shingles, the climate in your city, and how susceptible your home is to future damage. It might not cost that much more than a partial reroofing job if you consider doing the entire roof while the crew is already on-site with all the equipment.

If you’ve decided to reroof, you’ll then have to decide if you do it over the current roof or tear it off completely. But if you already have two layers of shingles, you can’t put a new roof over them. This is because of the weight and how it can affect your home. But if there’s only one layer, you can opt to just do it on top of the existing layer.

To make an informed decision, it’s best that you consult with a professional so that they can give you answers on the current condition of your roof, how many layers it has and other factors. A new roof is a big expense, but it’s one you won’t be making for another decade, if that.

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