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Every now and them, every homeowner must make a decision to add a fresh coat of paint to their walls. Wall painting is an affordable and easy way to revamp one’s interior without spending a lot of money or having to sacrifice one’s comforts or routine. It is possible for one to paint a house alone. However, wall painting is a long and tedious process that turn into a nightmare especially when an individual is ill-prepared.

Obviously, professionals have extensive experience compared to novice wall painters, which explains why most can be relied on to carry out and outstanding job. Professional wall painters like Hotshot Construction also know all the techniques and tricks to enable the final result to be exactly as your intended it.

Why you should consider wall painting

Freshly painted walls from the best painters can make a world of difference in your home. A simple color change can help to change the ambience and is a quick and painless way that can transform all the different rooms in a matter of days. As there are more than 3000 plus colors of paints to select, homeowners are left with endless possibilities when it comes to décor.

Looking for wall painting services in Calgary?

If you are currently looking for a professional service to handle your wall painting for you, you will find a number of services in the Calgary area in your initial search results. However, locating one that will be able to carry out your work and deliver based on your exact specifications is a lot more challenging than you think because not all painters are created equal.

At Hotshot Construction, we have the best staff of painters so you can presume that everything will be delivered as expected. When it comes to wall painting, Hotshot’s workmanship speaks for itself owing to our high standards, extensive industry knowledge as well as our reputation for customer care.

While most other wall painting services in Calgary might work quickly so that they can move onto the next painting job, Hotshot Construction’s approach is different. We follow your specifications to a tee to make sure that our paint job is completed correctly the first time.

Hotshot Construction has a lot of experience and you can rely on our professionalism to maximize your décor’s potential. We can handle projects of all types including massive townhouses and cozy flats to full sized residential units. If you want to give your walls a new look, do not hesitate to call Hotshot Construction today!

Re-grouting existing work

  • Tile Repairs; both Commercial and Residential
  • Tile Sealing
  • Barrier Free Showers
  • Full demolition work
  • Full Bathroom Renovations
  • Fireplaces
  • Heat floor installations and supply
  • Walk-in showers (Drypack base, Schluter, Wedi Shower Systems)
  • Steam shower installation (Including professional certified installation of electrical and plumbing work)
  • Natural and Cultured Stonework
  • Dry-treat/Hanafin Certified
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Granite and Quartz Countertops
  • Site preparation including substrate grinding and self-levelling
  • Tub to Walk in Shower Conversions

Are you looking to renovate your home with beautiful tiles? Call Hotshot Construction to radically transform tour home with beautiful professional tiling.

Replacing the roof of a home or business is perhaps one of the biggest property improvements that anyone can encounter in terms of both scope, as well as the expenses involved. Since every home or business is different, the roof replacement process varies greatly depending on a number of factors such as whether or not the existing roof will be removed, the type of new materials one is planning on using and the measurements of the roof.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to roof replacement, which can make the roof replacement process long, daunting and tasking. However, the more you know about the process, the better you can plan for it and organize yourself. If you have current concerns about your roof or suspect that you might need replacement, here are Hotshot Construction’s tips on what to expect from a roof replacement process:


To make sure that everything goes as planned, you will need to plan adequately. The planning stage will involve color and material selection. The contractor will also carry out the measuring process which will allow him or her to give you an estimate for the roof replacement.


Before anything can commence, one of the very first things that Hotshot Construction has do carry out is property protection using tarps and protection plywood. The coverings will protect your walls, plants, siding and any accessories you may have.

Roof removal

The roof removal stage is usually the noisiest and will involve the removal and disposal of adhesives, any sub-roof materials, as well as old shingles.

Roof installation

Hotshot Construction will then work to address every section of your roof so that no part is left exposed. The actual installation process can take a very short time (between 3 days to a week) but it will all depend on the scope of the project.

Roof inspection

A thorough inspection has to be carried out to make sure that there is no rotten or wet wood. If there is, it has to be replaced so that there can be a solid roofing structure that will enable the singles to stay intact.

Single fitting

Before shingles can be installed, synthetic decking has to be embedded first. After the underlaying is done, the new shingles are then added using precision nailing techniques.

Installing roofing materials

After the shingles are installed correctly, the next natural step involves fixing the new roofing material. After the materials have been fixed and everything in place, cleanup of the site can then be completed. Contact Hotshot Construction today for all you roof replacement needs.

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