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Your commercial space is a reflection of your business. We at Hotshot construction know that you put all of your heart and soul into making your business a success, and you want your commercial property to reflect that. As a local business ourselves, we aim to provide business owners in Calgary with only the best in commercial interior painting. We have an experienced team of professional painters who will work with you to give you your dream commercial property. 


  • Our Services. 


We at Hotshot Construction offer full-service interior commercial painting. That means that from beginning to end, you will have a hands-on team of professionals at your disposal to make sure the job is done right, the first time. Our services include:


  • Free Consultation and Estimates. 
  • A professional consultant who will help you find the right package and paint for your project. 
  • An experienced team of painters who work fast, and produce high-quality results. 
  • Thousands of color options to choose from. 
  • Only the highest-quality paints to ensure that your paint job lasts for many years to come.
  • Our top-notch warranty program which guarantees you get the best service in Calgary. 


When you choose Hotshot Construction for your commercial interior paint service needs, you are choosing the best in Calgary. We make sure that the paint job you recieve, will be 100% to your satisfaction and liking, and will be completed in a timely manner. 


  • How It Works.


Once you decide to seek out our professional commercial painting services, you start by scheduling a consultation. From there, an expert from our company will come out and discuss the finer details of the job. They can help you pick the right paint, color, and price range to fit your needs. This professional will be your direct consultant for your job, and will make sure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed every step of the way.

If you are in the market for professional commercial interior painting, contact us today. Schedule your free consultation, and get started on the first steps toward your dream commercial property for your business.

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