Roof Replacement

Do You Roof Replacement Services? 

Has your roof suffered irreparable damage? Do you think that your roof is no longer pleasing to the eye? Roof replacement is the recommended option. This is a big and costly project and that is why you should entrust it to a professional roofing service like Hotshot Construction Services. We have been in the roofing industry for a long time and we know all about roofing replacement services.

We advise our customers to get a roof replacement in the following circumstances:

•    Major damage – When your home has been hit by a big catastrophe like a fire or a storm, and a big section of the roof is damaged.

•    Big leakages – When your roof can no longer hold out and is leaking in too many places, it is time to think of a replacement 

•    Mold damage – When a roof has suffered a large-scale mold infestation the joists and decking integrity is compromised and the best remedy is a roof replacement. Mold is also a health hazard. 

•    Sagging roof- If your roof feels spongy when you walk on it, it is a big sign that the joists and decking have deteriorated and it is time for a replacement. 

•    Cracked and curled shingles – If a big section of the roofing shingles is cracked or curled, it would too much work replacing individual shingles. Replacing the whole roof is better. 

•    Old roof – The law requires that roofing with asbestos be replaced 

How do we do roof replacement?

Hotshot Construction has a time-tested method to ensure that we do the right job for eye-pleasing results as well as a durable roof. Here is how we do it:

•    Client consultation – This is where we agree on what you need to be done, and we lay out the best process possible for quick and affordable roof replacement. 

•    Putting in place protective measures – We place plywood and tarps on the sides of the house so that falling waste and debris do not dirty the area.

•    Inspecting the roof- We strip away the shingles to uncover the deck underneath. We inspect the decking for broken, missing and rotting rafters. Any other anomalies are also noted.

•    Installing the new roof – The whole roof is installed again, which includes laying the new shingles, putting in place the vents and sealing any gaps in the flashing.

•    Inspection and cleanup- You inspect the work and if satisfactory, we clean up the debris, leaving your roof looking all good and new. 

Why choose Hotshot Construction?

We are leading roof replacement experts with wide experience with different types of roof design. If your roof has a problem, contact us. We shall diagnose the problem and if roof replacement is needed, we shall handle it.

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