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A well-installed beautiful roof is like a crown, announcing to the world ‘Look at how beautiful I am!’ A new roof is unmissable. On the other hand, a roof that had not been installed properly makes a house look dilapidated even if it is new. It is also a source of a myriad of troubles including leakages and mold damage.

Hotshot Construction is a team of experienced roof installation professionals. We have been installing different types of roofs. We are a customer driven team. That means that we work with you to make your dream roof design come true. You tell us how you want your roof to look like, and we use our roofing experience to work over challenges in budgets, location, and other limitations.

We use a tried and tested to come up with the perfect roof.

Here is our methodology:

  • Customer consultation – You come to us with the architecture sketches and tell us how you would like the roof to look like building upon what has been designed. We discuss the budget and explore your options for materials depending on the color, style, and weather. We also consider the budget limitations, and how to work around it.
  • Site preparation – This involves putting in place everything that will be needed; roofing, decking, and joists. This also involves laying the protective materials to collect falling debris as well as any other protective measures to be taken.
  • Installing the roof – This is where the bulk of the work lies.
  • Finishing and inspection – After the work is complete, we invite you to inspect the work.  If there is an anomaly, we correct it.
  • Clean up- We remove all debris from the site after the work has passed your inspection.

We work with different types of roofing materials including:

Asphalt shingles

This is affordable roofing material with a variety in color and style. It also has good waterproofing qualities. It will serve you well for around 20 years.


This is the roofing material you want if you want your house to project class. It is attractive, with good fireproofing properties. You will also get it in several colors and styles.

Clay Tiles

This roofing material comes out very well when installed properly. It has a longer lifespan compared to other roofing materials and will be good for 50-70 years.

Concrete Tiles

If you live in areas of extreme weather, concrete roofing provides very good insulation

Metal roofing

This is the roofing material you need for quick construction. It is lightweight and easily handled.

Wooden shingles

This roofing material is unique, giving your house a rustic look. Wood also has good insulation properties.

Plastic polymer

If you are putting up a quick non-residential building, plastic polymer roofing is ideal for its lightweight and easy installation.

Hotshot Construction is a professional roofing service with a long list of satisfied clients. If you need roof installation services, call us and we will be glad to help.

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