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Residential Interior Painting

Our expert painters are making Calgary a more colourful, vibrant, and beautiful city one house at a time. At Hotshot Construction, our residential exterior painting professionals are dedicated to bringing new life and restored beauty to homes across Calgary. As such, we are your number 1 choice for professional residential exterior painting in the area.

Exterior Makeover

Every now and then, a house needs a makeover too! Restoring, or repainting over the old cracked and chipping paint of a home is the best way to make your home feel young again. Each project will be overseen by one of our expert painting consultants, who will maintain open communication with you throughout the process to ensure that your home is left as beautiful as you always imagined.

Getting It Done Right

At Hotshot Construction, we never take any shortcuts. When it comes to residential exterior painting, our team of expert painters take every necessary step to ensure that the final product looks as picture-perfect as you imagined it. We make sure to properly clean, sand, and scrape every bit of the old surface area before adding primer and the paint of your choosing, to ensure a perfectly smooth and finished product at the end. 


Our team understands the brutal conditions that homes in Calgary have to endure, and take extra steps to ensure that your home will be coated in a durable and resilient paint that will withstand the elements, no matter what. We know that the secret to a long lasting paint job, isn’t all in the skills of the painter. It also comes from the quality of the paint itself. We only use the top of the line paints in the industry, in order to guarantee a tough, beautiful, and enduring exterior paint job for your home. 

Free Estimate

If your home is in dire need of a facelift, contact us today to get a free estimate. We can restore your home to the beautiful, vibrant, and welcoming place it was always meant to be!


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Professional painting and roofing services for a great result every time!

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