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Flipping houses, home renovation TV and Home Makeovers have been a Hot Topic for over a decade but what about the office or commercial space. We tend to spend as much time at our work site as we do in our own bedrooms so shouldn’t this aesthetic be just as important? If your feeling less motivated to go to work, or feel like the office is dull and and out of date, perhaps it’s time you and you’re coworkers consider getting a professional paint job in your workplace.

Office Colours

Just like your home, your office and the colours that your team choose is certainly important. You want your office to make everyone comfortable, motivated, happy, and just create a good working environment with a positive working culture. This is why choosing the right colour for your office is of the utmost importance.


Picking An Office Colour


It’s definitely vital to consider office colours that reflect your business logo and business industry. If your business is something creative perhaps a tech company, a design business or even a dance or art studio, choosing bright colours like yellow, orange, neon green, purple, bright pink maybe something more in the proper direction for your company. Alternatively if your office is more cultured in the traditional sense such as a law firm, a doctor’s office or even a financial institution. The colours that you probably should consider are neutral colours such as cream, taupe or earthy tones. In these facilities you could even throw in a few accent walls to spruce things up, for instance take the doctor’s office; it has been documented that the colour light blue makes individuals more comfortable and at ease with their health and potentially rare instances where they may be about to undergo something scary such as a surgery or as simple as taking a needle, so having an accented light blue wall is a great idea. Or  for instance an office that has a lot of cubicles it’s been proven that even throwing an accent wall that is a variant shade of the rest of the building heightens morale due to the fact that not everything is so monotone.

Organizing Your Office Colours

There are even specialty areas in Office Buildings that should be considered to be painted a different way. Take painting a conference room or a central office space where a lot of ideas or goals and debate takes place, one wall or one area of the wall could be squared off and painted with whiteboard paint. Making this particular wall a functional piece for all meetings and office-wide messages. And if you’re not into the aesthetic of whiteboards you can consider chalkboard paint for more of a traditional sense. Hotshot Constuction gets great deals on these products and we love to pass on our savings to our clients. In fact we get deals at all Calgary paint suppliers, Sherwin Williams, Cloverdale Paints, Dulux Paints,


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